In 1973 I decided to start feeding my dogs as naturally as possible.  I fed alot of meat, cooked flaked barley and oats, and vegetables.  The dogs changed immediately, grew in beautiful coats, and were happier, more energetic, with much more zest for life!
Throughout the years I have tried to get the same results but in a more simple and less time consuming way.
Since 1973 I have fed anywhere from 10 to 60 dogs and now have dogs that live from puppies to old age with not one health problem or sick day.
I would be very happy to provide other dog owners with these important, yet very simple, nutritional secrets which I have learned and used to give all of my dogs a lifetime of health and happiness.


After 35 years of experience I have discovered many simple, natural, yet effective, remedies for everyday problems such as ear or skin problems, digestive upsets, etc.
I would be happy to provide help and information to other dog owners about common problems.
If you have a question or problem please feel free to e-mail or write to me and I will do my best to help you out.
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