I have been a trainer for 40 years, including obedience instructor for 20 years, training for field trials and hunt tests, showing my own Labradors in dog show conformation classes, and solving behavior and training problems.
I use positive, fun, methods that dogs enjoy.  No electric collar. Our dogs can't wait for their lessons!
My goal has always been to help dogs be happy in their work, completely trusting in their owners, and loving, devoted friends. I offer a 2 to 3 month training program for beginning retrievers (of any age over 6 months) which will start young or older dogs on a successful hunting career.
The program includes obedience training, (heel, sit, stay, come, lie down), delivering to hand, introduction to birds and gun, and lessons with the owner.
I also offer a program just for young puppies which includes socialization in the home, simple obedience and retrieving, and introduction to the gun.
If you are interested in any of the offered training programs, or if you have questions about training or behavior, please feel free to e-mail or write to me.